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Friday, September 11, 2009

Don's MuskieIn this photo at the right, Don holds his nearly 50-lb muskie caught on the Grasse River on September 10th, 2009.

Don brought this fish to shore by hand after it chomped down onto a Smallmouth Bass he had just hooked on a 6-inch, homemade, black and yellow, spun deer hair fly. The Muskie attached itself to the bass which was by that time attached to the fly. Don's fly rig utilized only a +/- 9-ft length of 20-lb fluorocarbon leader ó no wire, no steel, just the fluoro!

Caught by surprise, Don brought it in without a net and hoisted it briefly for this photo before releasing it safely back into the river, along with its stomach full of Smallmouth and deer hair fly.

Don will soon be writing about his experience bringing in this tremendous fish, and with any luck we'll have some audio of his story as he tells it as well. Check out the photos I took of the whole ordeal (with my waterlogged iPhone) in Don's "Fly Fishing for Muskie" photo gallery.

(Posted by Bill Haenel)

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